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We have deployed some of the best Heavy Earth Moving machinery ( HEMM) at our mines which operate round the clock and also have extensive repair and maintenance facilities at the site itself to ensure smooth, trouble free operation. Most of these machines are fitted with low polluting engines making them environment friendly. We also recycle water used during block cutting and also harvest rain water during monsoon to minimise our dependence on outside sources. 

Some the major machinery in operation at the mines includes:

Excavators (29 Nos.) A blend of L & T Komatsu ( 13), Volvo (15) and Tata Hitachi (1) with bucket capacities ranging from .93 M3 to 4 M3 and power ranging from 118 HP to 335 HP)

Dumpers (36 Nos.) A mix of BEML ( 21 nos), TATA NOVUS ( 14 NOS.) AND Leyland ( 1 no.) with bucket capacity of 35 tons. Mainly used for transportation of over burden and heavy machinery parts.

Loaders (4 Nos.) We use a mix of Kawasaki, Volvo, BEML and Komatsu track loader for handling marble blocks from the mines to the loading yard. They can handle blocks of upto 30 tons in weight.

Dozers (4 Nos.) We use  BEML ( 3 nos.) and Caterpillar make Dozers for surfacing of the mining paths and clearing of over burden.

JCB machines (3 Nos) These back-how models are used for shifting and handling machine parts and wire-saws shifting

Compressors (30 Nos.)

Wire Saws (85 Nos.)

DG Sets (6 Nos.)

Processing Equipments:

Dressing Machine (5 Nos.)

Gang Saw (5 Nos.)

Cranes (4 Nos.)

Edge Cutting Machine (6 Nos.)