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Production Capactiy

The Andhi Group operates one of the largest marble mines in the world spread over 154 hectares. We have adequate technical capabilities to produce more than 1 Million Metric Tons of finest quality marble blocks and this is backed by a modern and well equipped processing facility in the name of Arpit Marble to produce 7.2  million sq ft of marble slabs and  tiles per annum. The processing plant is spread over an area of 17, thousand sq.mtrs. with adequate storage capacity to store a wide range of products. 


The mining area is located at Patalwas, Andhi Village, which is 45Kms from Jaipur. The nearest Airport and Railway Station is Jaipur. The mines are also well connected with metal road.

The group possesses virgin quarries having enormous and excellent quality deposits in crack free zone, spread over 154 hectares. The mines are fully mechanized and scientifically developed with use of modern state of art machinery like chain saw, wire saw, massive derrick cranes, Loaders, Excavators etc.